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Amy Love Barnard started The Wayward Stitch in 2013 on the principles that you can have a durable, beautiful handbag that mimics leather, while not harming any animals.  Today, we offer handmade, unique, one of a kind items.  Our main goal is to reuse forgotten or
repurposed vinyl (or as we like to call it- cruelty free vegan leather) from area shops and upholsterers.  99% of all our creations are adorned with vintage or handmade buttons, buckles, and lapels.  We can be found doing arts and craft shows in NC and nearby surrounding states.  We love meeting new friends, so come out and see us!  We also offer an online store and can be found in various retail shops for your convenience.  Thanks so much for taking to the time to check us out!
The Wayward Stitch